Warrior Impact
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Veteran Support in Central Oregon

The why behind Warrior Impact

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Our mission

A new way of helping

The stress of war and the pressure of traumatic everyday events that policemen, firefighters, and other first responders experience really adds up.

To compound the problem, our nation’s mental health services aren’t up to par and aren’t fully equipped to work with and understand the trials of our heroes.

Warrior Impact was started to help curb and ultimately eradicate suicide amongst our nation’s heroes by providing them with intensive emotional and physical care and wellness practices.

We introduce those struggling with post-traumatic stress (PTS) to new ways of coping and healthy outlets for treating their mental health. We provide tools, resources, outlets, and more to curb the impact of PTS.

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Changing Lives.
Saving Lives.

Save A Warrior™ program

One of the most effective ways we help our Warriors is by enrolling them in the Save A Warrior™ program. Save A Warrior™ has changed countless lives through their "War Detox" program, which supports the healing from PTS. We specialize in connecting active duty military, returning veterans, and first responders experiencing psychological trauma. 

Supportive Community

Warrior Impact will often have SAW Alumni lead events for Veterans and Warrior community members to partake in at no cost to the Warrior in support of creating a local community to support these amazing men and women. We want to share the gift of SAW and provide a place for our alumni to do their work and give back by sharing their SAW story.

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Our Goals and future

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Annual Programs and Events

Combining our efforts with local and national organizations, we work to provide valuable resources and donations in order to ensure we stay active in the fight against PTS.

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Warrior Village

The Warrior Village concept will also be used for a meeting place for warrior mediations, ACA, AA, among others. Our focus is to do “our work” and show other Warriors that there is an answer to their suffering through meaningful connection.

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Warrior Impact relies on donations and sponsorships from local businesses that value our mission of inspiring mindful purpose and activating change together. Donations can come in the form of money, property, and even sponsored events. Our most popular event the last few years has been the Scotch Golf Tournament.

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Golf Tournament

The Scotch

The Scotch was started in 2014 to help support Warrior Impact.

The first event was held in 2015 and has been running strong ever since.

As of December 2021, The Scotch and our incredibly passionate and generous sponsors have raised and donated nearly $500,000 to Save A Warrior, which has directly benefited hundreds of Central Oregon women, men, and their families.

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